Mummy's Breast

Poem by George Bernard Shaw

Baby gurgles of sheer delight,
As mummy kisses your toes.
Baby makes each day so bright,
More beautiful than a rose.
Contented smiles slowly show,
As Mummy gives you her breast.
An aura of the purest glow.
Of a Mummy at her best.
Rewards come with Baby’s face,
Reflecting innermost content.
For Mummy’s breast is baby’s place
Her caring is well spent.
Each day Baby bathes in love,
Mummy radiant with her child.
I hear cooing of a Heavenly Dove,
As all around are beguiled.
Strength of a mother’s deepest feeling
I see in this picture of mine.
My very senses are reeling,
At a love that is divine.