George Bernard Shaw

Puppy Dog

Poem by George Bernard Shaw

I gazed into those deep brown eyes,
And was immediately mesmerised.
A two-month-old puppy just for me alone,
I knew that I must groom him and give him a home
As he grew I taught him some tricks,
I was the one that got the most kicks.
I would get him to lie down and die for the Queen,
That is a trick that most people have not seen.
Every day we went for long walks,
He listened carefully to all of my long-winded talks.
Sleeping by the side of my bed,
On his two front paws his wonderful head.
A wagging tail told me that he was at ease,
Just a wonderful dog that did me please.
Food was no problem he ate what I gave,
At the edge of my plate titbits I did save
When my meal was finished I placed them in his nap,
He gobbled them down as if to say there’s a good chap.
We were together for many a long year.
To me he was someone very dear.
If you get the chance to look into a Puppy’s eyes,
I just know that you are in for a surprise.
It might be that you too will have found a true friend,
Some one to help you your time to spend.