George Bernard Shaw


Poem by George Bernard Shaw

I used to play at Pirates,
And sailed the seven seas.
Then I was a cowboy,
These simple things did me please.

I had a vivid imagination,
Adventure was always on my mind.
I discovered the joys of reading,
And escaped the daily grind.

Once I lived with the Eskimos,
In the land of ice and snow,
Went hunting and a fishing,
My fantasy was all aglow.

I read a book of Jules Verne,
And went off to the moon,
It was just to take a look,
Then it was time to return.

I spent time in the forests of Africa,
With Dr. Livingstone as my guide,
Then off again to America,
With Huckleberry Finn I did hide.

In my world of fantasy and imagination,
I performed such wonderful deeds.
A Hero of all the Nations,
I was the one that did succeed.

Then I grew up my childish world at an end.
I had become serious it nearly drove me around the bend.
I still do like the mysterious,
This is the message I am trying to send.