George Bernard Shaw

Fairies Call

Poem by George Bernard Shaw

A thing that did me enthral,
Was an invitation to a Fairy Ball.
Pixies and Gnomes, Fairies and Elves,
All came to the ball dressed as themselves.
An orchestra of Leprechauns played a tune,
This all took place in the month of June.
Some were dancing while others ate a meal
I remember thinking that this was for real.
There was a banquet of delicious berries and fruits,
Served by Trolls dressed up in their very best suits.
To drink there was some Parsley wine,
Served in Golden Beakers that were so fine.
All in all it was a merry sight,
As pretty little Glow Worms lit up the starry night.
Then at the very crack of dawn,
I awoke in my bed with one big yawn.
I was pleased to have been invited to the Fairy Ball,
And I will listen again for the Fairies call.