George Bernard Shaw


Poem by George Bernard Shaw

Twenty coco nuts all in a row,
Painted with faces of people that I know.
A Politician right at the back,
He is no good; I would give him the sack.
Then the woman from over the way,
She is loud mouthed, with plenty to say.
A Teacher from long road school,
He is always calling some-one a fool.
Then the Policeman that grins as he books my car,
now that is a man that will go very far.
The hypocritical Vicar, Him a Godly man,
making a mess of the good Lord's plan.
The Dictators some old some new,
Making weird plans for me and you.
I do not like the coconuts or their faces;
I will blot them out to leave no traces.
In place of them, I will put myself;
See if you can knock me off of that shelf.