George Bernard Shaw


Poem by George Bernard Shaw

Sitting on a toad stool at the break of dawn,
Was an Irish Elf known as the Leprechaun.
I listened to him singing with a voice so clear,
His praise of Nature was music to my ear.
He sung of flowers covered in morning dew,
And of gossamer cobwebs spun in the night anew.
His voice accompanied the early birds just awake,
Blending well with the sweet tones that they make.
The he plucked some shamrocks with four perfect leaves,
These he placed carefully in his pockets and up his sleeves.
He sang of his good luck and his pots of gold,
That he had been saving from the days of old.
Then he turned his head and saw my astonished look,
Told me to go home and write about this encounter in my poetry book.
I bid him good day and went on my way,
Now that he had seen me I could not stay,
So I returned home and wrote this little verse,
About the Leprechaun that sung praise to the Universe.