Oliver Twist

Oliver Twist: Summary

Summary of Oliver Twist /May 23, 2022

The story of Oliver Twist begins in a Victorian workhouse. Oliver Twist is a young orphan. His life in the workhouse is lonely and sad. Oliver becomes an apprentice for an undertaker but runs away after he gets into a fight with another apprentice.

When Oliver arrives in London, he meets Jack, also known as the Artful Dodger, who offers him a place to stay. Unfortunately, Jack and his gang are pickpockets, who work for an unscrupulous career criminal called Fagin. When Oliver sees the others pick the pocket of an elderly gentleman, he is horrified and runs away. A kind man called Mr Brownlow takes Oliver in and looks after him. 

Sadly it isn’t “happily ever after” for poor Oliver as Fagin and his gang reappear and capture him. They force Oliver to take part in a robbery and he gets shot. A family called the Maylies nurse Oliver back to health. They take him to see Mr. Brownlow when he's well enough, but they discover his home deserted—he has emigrated to the West Indies.

Meanwhile, Fagin and his elusive associate Monks are still looking for Oliver, to no avail. One day, after having a nightmare in which he sees them through his window, Oliver wakes up to find them gazing at him. He raises the alarm, but they flee before he can stop them.

Nancy hears Fagin and Monks talking. She decides she needs to tell Rose what she knows. Nancy tells the truth to Rose that Monks is Oliver's half-brother, who has been trying to hurt him so he can get all of his inheritance money. Rose tells Mr Brownlow and he goes to tell Oliver's other caretakers. They decide they need to meet Nancy again so they can find Monks.

Nancy meets them on London Bridge at a prearranged time, but Fagin is suspicious and has sent Noah Claypole to spy on her. Nancy still won't betray Fagin or Sikes, but she tells Rose and Mr Brownlow how to find Monks.

Noah tells Fagin about every piece of information that he knows. Fagin then tells Sikes even though he knows that telling him what he knows will result in Sikes trying to kill her. Mr Brownlow finds Monks and Monks admits that Oliver's birth was not what first appeared to be true.

Sikes is trying to run away, but people are looking for him. He falls off a building and dies. Fagin gets arrested and gets a visit from Oliver, after which he is executed. Oliver, Mr Brownlow, and the Maylies end up living peacefully in a small village in England.

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