Mark Twain

Christian Science and the book of Mrs. Eddy

Short Story by Mark Twain

1. 'What plague spot,__________'Therefore the efficient
or bacilli were (sic) gnawing__remedy is to destroy the
(sic) at the heart of this_____patient's unfortunate belief,
metropolis... and bringing_____by both silently and audibly
it on bended knee?_____________arguing the opposite facts in
Why, it was an institute that__regard to harmonious being
had entered its vitals (sic)___representing man as
that, among other things,______healthful instead of diseased,
taught games,' et cetera. (P.__and showing that it is
670, 'C.S.Journal,' article____impossible for matter to suffer,
entitled 'A Narrative--by______to feel pain or heat, to be
Mary Baker G. Eddy.')__________thirsty or sick.' (P. 375, Annex.)

2. 'Parks sprang up (sic)...
electric street cars run______'Man is never sick; for
(sic) merrily through several__Mind is not sick, and matter
streets, concrete sidewalks____cannot be. A false belief
and macadamised roads dotted___is both the tempter and the
(sic) the place,' et cetera.___tempted, the sin and the
(Ibid.)________________________sinner, the disease and its
3. 'Shorn (sic) of its ________cause. It is well to be calm
suburbs it had indeed little___in sickness; to be hopeful is
left to admire, save to (sic)__still better; but to
such as fancy a skeleton_______understand that sickness is not
above ground breathing (sic)___eal, and that Truth can
slowly through a barren (sic)__destroy it, is best of all, for
breast.' (Ibid.)_______________it is the universal and perfect
_______________________________remedy.' (Chapter xii., Annex.)