George Bernard Shaw

On My Way

Poem by George Bernard Shaw

On my way to the shops in town,
My sense of humour let me down.
I had started counting the cracks in the pavement,
It was something I just had to do.
Then to my complete and utter amazement,
I suddenly bumped into you.
Loosing my count I cursed like mad,
I had reached the number one thousand and two.
To start all over made me feel sad,
Then I started cursing you.
I did not speak out loud,
This all took place in my brain.
On my horizon there is now a new cloud,
I do not want to bump into you again,
You were innocent of spoiling my game.
My counting was just to pass the time,
Now life will never be the same.
For you have committed an abominable crime,
I must find my sense of humour once more.
You were really not to blame, not you,
I will count the cracks again to be sure.
Perhaps my score will still be a thousand and two,
Then I will go on my way,
Ignoring the cracks in the street.
I will bid every one good day,
That I perchance happen to meet.