A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol

Novel by Charles Dickens


Bob Cratchit, clerk to Ebenezer Scrooge.
Peter Cratchit, a son of the preceding.
Tim Cratchit ("Tiny Tim"), a cripple, youngest son of Bob Cratchit.
Mr. Fezziwig, a kind-hearted, jovial old merchant.
Fred, Scrooge's nephew.
Ghost of Christmas Past, a phantom showing things past.
Ghost of Christmas Present, a spirit of a kind, generous, and hearty nature.
Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, an apparition showing the shadows of things which yet may happen.
Ghost of Jacob Marley, a spectre of Scrooge's former partner in business.
Joe, a marine-store dealer and receiver of stolen goods.
Ebenezer Scrooge, a grasping, covetous old man, the surviving partner of the firm of Scrooge and Marley.
Mr. Topper, a bachelor.
Dick Wilkins, a fellow apprentice of Scrooge's.

Belle, a comely matron, an old sweetheart of Scrooge's.
Caroline, wife of one of Scrooge's debtors.
Mrs. Cratchit, wife of Bob Cratchit.
Belinda and Martha Cratchit, daughters of the preceding.

Mrs. Dilber, a laundress.
Fan, the sister of Scrooge.
Mrs. Fezziwig, the worthy partner of Mr. Fezziwig.

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